Environmental Consultancy Rwanda

WKC has been involved as an environmental consultant in some interesting projects in Rwanda, which included air quality and noise impact assessments associated with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

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Flagship Projects in Rwanda

Rwanda Kivu-56

Kivu56 (56MW) is a development by Symbion associate Symbion Power Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is up to 500 meters deep and it is the only lake in the world that emits methane gas from the lake bed into the water. To capture the gas the resource rich water is tapped and auto-siphoned from the depths of the lake into tanks where it is separated from the gases and then returned to the lake. The gases are delivered to the shore by compressors mounted on barges where they are scrubbed in wash-water towers to produce high methane content gas that is injected into reciprocating gas engines in a power plant that produces 56 MW of power for delivery to the Rwanda grid system. WKC Group were selected as the preferred Rwandan air quality and noise specialists for the Environmental and Social Imapct Assessment (ESIA), delivered in accordance with the World Bank / IFC General Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines.

WKC has a proven track-record in a wide range of sectors in Africa