Environmental Consultancy Asia-Pacific

WKC Group, one of the world’s leading environmental consultancies in Asia-Pacific, conducted Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), marine and terrestrial ecology surveys, noise assessments, carbon management and air quality assessments for a wide range of projects throughout the region. Our team, in collaboration with our local-based partners, has a strong track record in providing comprehensive environmental consultancy services and have successfully supported major energy, mining, and multinational industry projects throughout Asia-Pacific. Our services also encompass due diligence assessments, compliance audits, and Best Available Techniques (BAT).

Popular Services in Asia-Pacific

Flagship Projects in Asia-Pacific:

With vast global environmental consulting expertise, our team excels in conducting independent, scientific studies for clients across sectors, leveraging our expertise and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Sierra_Madre_Water_Project_EIA | WKC Group

Sierra Madre Water Project EIA

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Sierra Madre Water Project in Paete, Laguna, Philippines to assess its potential environmental effects and propose necessary mitigation measures. The study examined various aspects, including air and water quality, assessing habitat disruption, and ecological impacts.

Dam_Safety_Upgrading_Project_EIA | WKC Group

Dam Safety Upgrading Project EIA

Involved in the Dam Safety Upgrading Project in Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, aims to enhance the safety and resilience of existing dams promoting sustainable development while ensuring the protection of valuable natural resources and habitats in the region. Services rendered include; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), sediment management, biodiversity conservation, water quality monitoring, and ecosystem restoration.

Dinagat_Island_Faunal_Survey | WKC Group

Dinagat Island Faunal Survey

Involved in the Faunal Survey in Dinagat Island and Surigao del Sur, Surigao to assess the potential environmental impacts. The survey aimed to gather information on the local fauna and their habitats, ensuring the project’s compliance with environmental regulations.

Transmission_Line_EIA | WKC Group

Transmission Line EIA

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), pollution control measures, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable land use planning for the construction of a Transmission Line 110 KV and a Substation 500/200kv in Thuong Tin and Thanh Oai districts of Ha Noi Capital, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Estate_Development_Project_EIA | WKC Group

Estate Development Project EIA

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted for an estate development project in the Philippines, focusing on the assessment of its environmental effects. The project aimed to assess and mitigate potential impacts on biodiversity, habitat loss, and wildlife populations, ensuring sustainable development practices and preserving the ecological balance.