Environmental Consultancy UK and Ireland

With offices in London and Leeds we provide technical environmental consultancy for planning and permitting applications throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. Built upon the foundations of sound engineering, WKC works across multi-sectors with a diverse client base; from operators in the energy and renewable sector, FEED and EPC contractors, through to architects and developers for urban renewal and regeneration projects.

Popular Services in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland

Flagship Projects in the United Kingdom:

We are continuously evolving our range of services to fulfil the growing regulatory requirements of our clients.


National Rail Depot Noise Assessment

WKC Group conducted a Noise Compliance Assessment for the Rail Depot. The project encompassed extensive long-term noise monitoring and a comprehensive noise assessment based on the BS4142 (2019) guidelines.


Housing Development Air Quality Assessment

WKC Group successfully executed an air quality impact assessment for a housing development in Lewisham, London. Our comprehensive analysis ensured a neutral and positive air quality statement for the project, benefiting the local environment and community.


MOT Test Centre Noise Mapping

WKC Group executed a noise modelling study in the UK for a planned MOT test centre, analysing potential noise impacts and mitigation measures.


Calder Textiles Air Dispersion Modelling

WKC Group carried out an Air Dispersion Modelling for a textile plant located in Dewsbury, UK. Our team conducted thorough analysis and assessment to ensure optimal air quality standards.


White Rose EPP Assessment

WKC Group completed a noise compliance for clinical waste incinerators in Southeast England, ensuring EPP standards were met.


CHP Plant Air Quality D1 Assessment

WKC Group conducted an Air Quality D1 Assessment for a CHP plant located in Doncaster, UK. Our team used advanced techniques and tools to analyse the data and provide accurate assessments of the plant’s air quality impact.

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Our Registrations in the UK & Ireland