Geospatial Solutions

WKC Group has extensive experience in the deployment of the latest geospatial technologies. This includes:

  • Mapping
  • Terrestrial and Marine Remote Sensing
  • GPS Survey
  • Geospatial Modelling
  • Data Management
  • Training

From the use of satellites to drones, global positioning systems (GPS) and rugged field survey tablets, photogrammetry, machine learning and data science, WKC offer a refreshingly modern approach to their environmental consultancy work.

Our past projects have included:

  • Spatial and geostatistical analysis
  • High quality cartographic output
  • Terrestrial and Benthic Habitat mapping
  • Satellite derived bathymetry (SDB)
  • Spatial ecology
  • Master planning
  • 3D modelling, analysis and visualisation
  • Web based technologies
  • Automation of GIS processes
  • Implementation of GPS field survey methodology
  • Spatial data management, validation, digitisation, cleansing and translation
  • Training and support in a range of open source and commercial GIS and remote sensing software
Mark Brown
Service Lead
+44(0)207 975 1462
Geospatial Solutions Brochure