“Elevated” Noise Baseline Assessment in Lesotho, Africa

WKC Group South Africa’s acoustic team recently completed baseline noise survey work in the Lesotho Highlands over a 2 day period. The noise measurements were collected at an elevation of over 2,000m above sea level, and made for one of our most interesting field investigations yet, with temperatures ranging from below zero to 20 degrees Celsius. Given the remoteness of the Project site, the survey locations were only accessible via 4 x 4 via the notorious Sani Pass, and a sudden change in weather made for an interesting descent!


Noise Baseline Assessment, Africa, Lesotho

Noise Baseline Measurement – Lesotho Highlands


Environmental Consultant

Lesotho Highlands


Noise Baseline

WKC Consultant taking Noise Reading


The Project we were servicing is currently one of the largest in the region, and will ultimately provide 1.27-billion cubic metres of water per year to its customers. It is really great that our team are able to work on projects of this scale in some of Africa’s most pristine and scenic locations.

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