How to Quantify Carbon Capture Using Remote Sensing

GIS software have revolutionized the way we estimate carbon capture in ecosystems. These technologies allow for information to be...


Difference between Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero

Essentially, achieving carbon neutrality and net-zero should have the same end result – a balance between GHG emissions..


What is GWP and Carbon Dioxide Equivalence?

The impact of these GHG gases is quantified using their Global Warming Potential (GWP), which is a measure of their heat trapping effect relative to the effects of the..


What is Industrial Carbon Capture?

Industrial carbon emissions come from industrial processes and stationary emission sources, such as power stations, cement production and..


Carbon Capture in the Natural Environment

Carbon capture can occur both naturally and artificially. Advances in technology are enabling carbon released by industrial activities to be captured in even greater volumes by..


WKC conducted AIV and FIV studies for Qatar Energy

WKC has been appointed to conduct Acoustic and Flow Induced Vibration studies for Qatar Energy. Idd El-Shargi North Dome (ISND) oil..


Qatar Environmental Permitting System

The environmental regulations in Qatar are well presented, fairly aligned with western standards, and have been in force..


Wind Turbines and Shadow Flicker Impacts

Shadow flicker is the frequent, intermittent, and instantaneous casting of shadows from Wind Turbine Generator rotor blades as they..


What is a Noise Planning Hierarchy? (UK)

For new housing developments, noise should be considered in order to minimise any impact it might have on future residents. Below is the..


Noise Modelling of Reflections and Façade Corrections

Here we look at what each standard says about reflections and how an engineer may replicate this in a noise modelling software such as SoundPLAN..

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