WKC has been appointed to conduct Acoustic and Flow Induced Vibration studies for Qatar Energy

By Richard Palmer, WKC Group

WKC has been appointed to undertake an acoustic induced vibration (AIV) Study and a Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) Study for the EPIC for WHP-U08C Topside, Pipelines, Umbilical & Brownfield Modification at PS1K (Phase 5-1B). The scope of the project include a new wellhead platform (WHP-U08C) as well as modifications at existing Production Station PS1 Complex, pipelines and umbilical between WHP-U08C and PS-1. Project value is $140 million.

The Idd El-Shargi North Dome (ISND) oil production field consists of a Production Station PS-1, together with numerous remote wellhead Platforms. To maintain the production plateau, Qatar Energy (QE) has decided to proceed with the installation of a number of new WHPs within the ISND field over multiple phases. Phase one of the project includes installation of WHP-U08C jacket, topside, subsea pipelines and umbilical between WHP-U08C to PS-1K along with required modifications at existing PS-1K Platform.

The objective of the AIV study is to identify potential sources of acoustic fatigue in the project, predict sound power levels (PWL), provide possible mitigation recommendations and identify valves that require further investigation. Acoustic energy generated in high-capacity gas pressure reducing systems can result in severe piping system vibration; in extreme cases, this vibration has caused piping component fatigue failure in as little as a few minutes or hours.

The objective of the FIV component is to ensure safety with respect to failure of process pipework within the Project due to process flows. FIV is flow velocity driven and excites low frequency structural bending vibration in more flexible systems. Low frequency FIV is visible as lateral shaking or vibration of the piping. Systems at risk of low frequency FIV typically have time to failure normally measured in days, months and years, depending on whether operation is continuous or intermittent.

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