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“Sustained Excellence in Environmental Consultancy, South Africa” – 2014, 2015, 2016
AI Legal Awards
“Environmental Consultancy of the Year, UAE” – 2016, 2017
ACQ Law Awards
“Leading Environmental and Energy Consultant of the Year, South Africa” – 2018
AI Global Awards
“Most Outstanding Environmental Consultancy Firm, South Africa” – 2018
AI Global Awards
WKC Ecology Survey - 2018
“Best Environmental Consultancy, South Africa” – 2014, 2015, 2016
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What we do

WKC Group is an environmental consultancy firm offering high-value advisory services and technical studies. WKC offers expertise in areas such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), environmental modelling, marine and biodiversity studies and a range of Assurance-related services. WKC’s award winning team are strategically located in the Middle East, the UK and South Africa allowing reach around the world across multiple sectors including energy, mining, transportation, industrial and residential development and government.

Air Quality Services

Bad air quality is widely recognised as one of the leading causes of illnesses and premature deaths around the world. Find out more about the range of air quality services that WKC offer.

Noise & Vibration

WKC has a vast wealth of international experience delivering noise and vibration studies for a range of sectors including industrial, transportation, renewable energy and mining sectors.

Marine Modelling

WKC use specialist software tools to simulate and assess the fate of a range of discharges into the water column, helping to understand and mitigate  environmental risks.

Ecology Services

WKC offer a wide range of terrestrial and marine ecology services, with our consultants having extensive, localised experience in advising on conservation  management practices.

Environmental Impact Asses.

WKC is a leading provider of Environmental Impact Assessment studies within the Middle East and Africa regions, whether it be for permitting purposes or related to project financing.

Assurance Services

WKC Group’s Assurance services team supports private-sector clients in minimising their environmental and sustainability liabilities across all areas of their operations.


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