WKC offer a wide range of regional terrestrial ecology and marine ecology services. With extensive knowledge of rare and/or protected habitats and species, WKC will ensure that the correct survey and impact assessment methodology is employed for each project in order that it meets international standards and regulations.

Terrestrial Ecology

WKC have extensive experience in undertaking Terrestrial Ecology Surveys throughout the Middle East. WKC utilise a variety of survey techniques including;

  • Day and night surveys
  • Specialised trapping programmes
  • Camera traps

By ensuring that all staff are up to date on international, regional and local legislation, each project is carefully planned to meet the required legal guidelines and ensure that there are no delays. In ensuring that suitable baseline data is obtained, we are able to provide site and project specific mitigation recommendations in order to help preserve and protect the local environment.

Marine Ecology

WKC aims to provide holistic data sets through the parallel use of remote technology and on-site surveys. Up-to-date knowledge of modern survey techniques ensures that we tailor every project to the needs of both the client and the environment. WKC also has the ability to design and implement water quality sampling programmes for a variety of situations using both in-situ and ex-situ techniques.

WKC is uniquely positioned to be able to combine both detailed survey work with comprehensive impact assessment. Our impact assessment tools include, amongst others, the highly sophisticated range of MIKE marine modelling systems providing an effective combination of local field expertise with powerful desktop oceanographic simulation techniques.