WKC Supports the Musangu Foundation with Specialist Air Quality Monitoring Services

Last month, London-based Principal Consultant Barry Roberts took some time to apply his air quality monitoring expertise to a charitable cause, supporting the work undertaken by the Musangu Foundation.  Barry was in Zambia undertaking work for an ongoing project in the mining sector, and was able to extend this trip to visit two communities where the Musangu Foundation recently began trials with fuel-efficient cooking stoves and alternative fuel sources.

Air Quality Monitoring, Real-time Monitoring

WKC’s Barry Roberts taking Real-Time Air Quality Measurements

The lives of hundreds of thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa are cut-short each year due to exposure to air pollutants released during cooking.  Barry utilised real-time monitoring instruments to measure levels of particulate matter and carbon monoxide emitted from different cooking methods and fuel types.  The results of the study will contribute towards multi-criteria comparisons between traditional cooking methods and the multi-fuel stoves.  This will, in turn assist the Musangu Foundation to most effectively address health impacts associated with cooking methods who will disseminate information and support rural communities to make better choices about their health and that of their families.

Our traditional role in projects is often far-removed from the point of seeing tangible benefits being realised, so being able to interact at grass-roots level and meet the people who will benefit from our advice is rewarding and inspiring.

Read more about the project and the great work that the Musangu Foundation is doing to assist communities in finding sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges at the Musangu Foundation Website.