WKC recently attended and presented at the 3-day International Association for Impact Assessment South Africa (IAIASA) 2017 conference

WKC Partner, Marc Blanché, recently attended the 3-day International Association for Impact Assessment South Africa (IAIASA) 2017 conference, held in the Western Cape.  The theme of this year’s conference was “Inspiring integrated environmental management: crafting innovative solutions to persistent environmental and social problems”.

Marc had the pleasure of sharing his and WKC’s wider experiences working on the proposed greenfield Jazan Economic City (JEC) Project in Saudi Arabia with the delegates representing multiple disciplines and sectors.

The JEC Project represents a complex, 22-year development with a capital value exceeding $30 billion USD.  Marc presented in two different sessions, one on the topic of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and the other on the topic of Dust Control Options for Large Industrial Developments.

The first presentation identified and discussed the practical challenges of undertaking SEA for ‘mega-projects’, with particular reference to the experiences gained while working on the JEC Project. Furthermore, approaches to overcome the various challenges were elaborated upon. The second presentation gave the audience insight into both short and long-term dust mitigation techniques recommended for large, city-wide developments, including pragmatic dust management strategies that can be implemented for major developments in the African context.

As usual the conference offered a fantastic opportunity to network with our clients and peers. We appreciated the opportunity to showcase WKC’s innovative approach to the assessment and management of impacts associated with large strategic developments, and how our wider international experience can be beneficially applied here on the African continent.

If you wish to find out more about the topics covered in Marc’s well received presentations please do not hesitate to contact Marc at: Marc.Blanché@wkcgroup.com