WKC Group Achieves EIA Consultancy Registration with The Royal Commission for Jubail

Following over a decade of providing consultancy support to major projects in the Middle East, WKC joins an exclusive list of officially registered third-party EIA consultants with Saudi Arabia’s Royal Commission for Jubail (RCJ).

RCJs’ jurisdiction covers major, world-class industrial facilities for petroleum refining, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals manufacturing, and production of metals.

The RCJ enforces one of the most advanced and all-encompassing environmental permitting systems in the Middle East region. Permitting requirements for major projects involves the development of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies, the production of environmental management plans, and the completion of a Permit Application Package (PAP). In addition, a range of specialist technical studies such as Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments, atmospheric dispersion modelling, noise simulations, and acoustic engineering studies are normally required by law, all of which are offered internally by our engineers and environmental specialists.

WKC Group’s RCJ registration, an emerging requirement for professional environmental consultancy firms operating within the RCJ’s jurisdiction (which includes the industrial city of Ras Al Khair), is in large part due to WKC’s significant track record of supporting new and existing tenants and enabling them to meet their environmental obligations. WKC’s in-depth knowledge of the sophisticated regulatory framework within Jubail and the other major Saudi Arabian industrial cities is unrivalled.

This formal certification ensures that WKC Group can continue to support our valued clients through the production of EIA Reports, PAPs and other technical studies. Our support in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to major projects has often supported our clients’ desire to access capital from reputable lenders most of which are signatories to the Equator Principles.

This new RC registration underpins WKC’s position as one of the most widely recognised providers of technical environmental studies in the GCC region.

The RCJ registration is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to be the leading provider of technical environmental services in the Middle East. We look forward to working with new and existing Industrial City tenants in Saudi Arabia as we enable them to meet their environmental and sustainability obligations, contributing towards the Kingdoms overall economic and social development goals.

Dr Ian James, WKC Director

For further information related to Middle East Permitting, please contact us at enquiries@wkcgroup.com.