Do I need an Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL)?

Management of air pollution sources in South Africa necessitates legally and scientifically complex regulation. Notwithstanding this, non-conformance with these requirements can lead to community health impacts, fines, suspension of site activities and potentially significant reputation impacts. Conversely, misinterpretation of these requirements may even lead to unnecessary or excessive financial investment in air pollution control technologies or techniques that the law does not demand.

Most industrial facilities in operation and those which are planned need to fully accommodate laws related to air quality. WKC Group’s air quality team has initiating a series of ‘self-help’ guides to support industrial operators, government EPOs, and EIA Consultants to interpret, in a systematic way, the implications of air pollution regulations and their applicability for sectors described under Section 21 of the Air Quality Act (AQA).

The Self Help tool interactively supports the user to determine the applicability of Section 21 of the AQA to a particular process, site or planned development, and the likely need for an Atmospheric Emissions Licence (AEL).

To find out if your facility needs an AEL, complete the following questionnaire. It’s quick and easy – 2 minutes tops. And of course, if you need some assistance, feel free to contact one of our friendly consultants to help you find the answer you need.

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