Assurance Services

WKC’s experienced assurance team support public and private-sector clients, across a range of sectors, in minimising their environmental, health, safety (EHS) and social liabilities. Our Assurance Services can be broadly categorised under the following categories:

  • EHS audits: Our audit team comprises experts well versed with a range of auditing techniques. EHS compliance, social welfare, lender monitoring, accommodation camp and construction site audits are among the types of audits, which we commonly undertake.
  • Site assessments: Soil and groundwater investigations and monitoring are an essential requirement for companies who need to ensure long-term project risk management and cost savings, as well as assessing short-term health exposure issues. Our services include Phase I and Phase II site assessments.
  • Transaction services: We understand that each transaction’s EHS and social risks are unique, requiring careful review and thorough investigation. We offer EHS and social due diligence reviews for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and provide risk and liability management, lender due diligence, independent reviews against international financial institutions and post-merger EHS systems integration.
  • Sustainability reporting: Our consultants have a wealth of experience of sustainability reporting. Our quality of service and understanding of internationally recognised sustainability reporting frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) framework, enable us to deliver tailored reporting services which meet the needs of a diverse range of sectors.
  • EHS management systems: Our services include EHS management system development and review, such as the development of EHS policies, manuals, standards, procedures and plans. EHS regulatory review, legal register development and updates.