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Marine Modelling

Marine Modelling

WKC utilises specialist marine modelling software to predict plume geometry and mixing behaviour from a diverse range of effluent discharge types including:

  • Industrial wastewater discharges containing conservative and non-conservative pollutants
  • Cooling water discharges with elevated temperatures
  • Desalination plant discharges with elevated brine concentrations
  • Dredge and drill cuttings (suspended sediments)

The modelling systems currently being used include CORMIX for near-field applications, and the MIKE suite of modelling applications for more complex or far-field situations.

These modelling systems can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Optimising outfall design
  • Determining regulatory compliance with mixing zone radius limits
  • Providing input into marine ecology impact assessments
  • Oil spill assessments
  • Determining dilution factors for input into discharge hazard and risk assessments

Greg Ashcroft
Marine Modeller
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