Unit Conversion Tool

Background Information

Understanding systems of measurement and how they relate to each other are critical in all fields of science. Performing calculations often require conversion between systems, and performing correct unit conversions can be the difference between successful projects and catastrophic failures (see how NASA famously lost the Mars Climate Orbiter due to miscalculations related to unit systems).

Thankfully, to simply the lives of engineers at university (or perhaps even at NASA) the Massuchessetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have compiled a clear and concise “Units and Conversions Fact Sheet” which captures some of the most useful units and conversions for physical properties and systems of measurement.

Try the unit conversion tool here, and see our related unit conversion calculators. Some are still in development, but will be published soon. Subscribe to WKC’s Tools Room newsletter for updates.

Unit Conversion Tool

Choose the physical parameter from the drop-down list below and the relevant unit conversion data will be provided.

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