Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)

As part of planning or permitting requirements developers, facility operators or engineers may require a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) to support their application or permit. Often the NIA forms part of the development’s wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), or can be packaged as a Noise Allocation study or Noise Control Design study.

The NIA is a systematic process in establishing the suitability of a site for development and to determine the impacts of the development on the local noise climate.

An NIA covers a wide range of services we offer at WKC including:


The NIA can be performed at either the Concept Design or Detailed Design Phase for a masterplan, mining or infrastructure project, as well as at Front End Engineering (FEED) or Engineering Procurement and Construction Phases (EPC) for energy and industrial projects.

In cases where the NIA is in support of an EIA we will also conduct an impact significance analysis pre and post mitigation in order to demonstrate the risk of noise impacts have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable. Or in the case of an industrial facility to demonstrate that Best Availalbe Techniques (BAT) is being applied, not exceeding excessive costs.

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As an international based consultancy, we apply both local and international guidelines and standards, a selection of which is presented below: