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Each quarter we showcase some of our projects from different parts of the World. Click on the links below to view some of our Qatar, UK and Ireland project highlights!

Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

We are excited to announce our involvement in two innovative energy projects that align with our commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The first project involves the pre-development of multiple solar sites, equipped with advanced technology and solar panels that use bifacial half-cell technology to capture sunlight and generate electrical energy. The anticipated energy production capacity of these sites is significant (8.9GWp), and they will be interconnected to the local grid for distribution.

The second project is a hydro storage facility designed as a closed loop system (in excess of 2.1GWp) that utilizes desalinated water to generate electricity. This facility is designed to provide an ideal solution for peak energy demand periods and as support and backup to other planned renewable energy sources. It is expected to have much lower environmental impacts when compared to traditional hydropower schemes and will have a very low carbon footprint, as all pumping requirements will be met through renewable energy (wind and solar).

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Carbon Management

What is GWP and CO2 Equivalence?

By Celetia Sahadave

What is a Noise Planning Hierarchy?

By Sean Graham

Noise and Vibration

Online Environmental Engineering Tools

We have continued to expand our freely available engineering and permitting tools. We’ve also added, where possible, imperial units to existing tools since many of our users are based in the United States.

Our newly added tools are shown below, and you can find all of them on our website here.

KSA Permitting Tool

KSA Permitting Support Tool

Find out if your project requires a Permit Application Package. We offer all studies necessary for permitting.

Seawater Density Calculator

Our online seawater density calculator is based on the UNESCO formula which calculates the density of water as a function of temperature, salinity and pressure.


We enjoy exchanging and sharing knowledge with our clients and colleagues globally about the experiences that we have accumulated and interesting work that we do.

Qatar Permitting System

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Driving Sustainable Energy: WKC at ADNOC’s Roadshow 2023

WKC Group was in attendance at the ADNOC Onshore Sustainability Roadshow held in Abu Dhabi. The central idea of the event was to achieve “maximum energy with minimum emissions.”