Flare Noise Calculator

Flare Noise Calculator

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Background – Flare Noise Standard

The Flare Noise Calculator is based upon the German recognised Standard – VDI 3272 standard noise levels of flares. The standard applies to flares used in the petrochemical/chemical industry relying on steam injection to dispose of large quantities of combustible gas.

Elevated and Ground Flares

Elevated flares are generally used in an emergency operation scenario as safety devices to burn large quantities of gas, up to 1,000 t/h (tonnes per hour). Ground flares are used during a normal operation scenario for burning quantities of gas up to 100 t/h. Although ground flares can also be used as safety devices, their main function is to control the start-up and shutdown of their respective production facilities.

Calculator Note

The variation in the composition of gas being flared influences the sound power level. This is accounted for by the ±6 dB and ±5 uncertainty in the formulae. For more information see the VDI 3732. This calculator does not apply any correction to the calculated flare Lw and should be applied at the discretion of the user.

For flare related tools, please see our flare stack height calculator.

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