Noise Mapping and Modelling

WKC Group utilises numerous internationally recognised specialist software packages in order to predict potential impacts from proposed industry, infrastructure or other potential noise sources. Our modelling services range from noise mapping of major highways through to the modelling of industrial and mining facilities and residential schemes. We have conducted noise mapping throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and East Asia.

Prediction of noise levels can help tremendously with the detailed design of developments or the mechanisms for controlling noise impacts with various noise reduction measures. For example, noise levels can be predicted and visually displayed for all floors and façades of building developments allowing the use of expensive measures for noise control (such as enhanced window glazing specifications) to be optimised to avoid excessive cost.

We are also often required to verify the results of the noise modelling simulation by means of a noise verification survey, be it for room acoustics or to work area noise limits.

Our preferred modelling software package is SoundPlan, which allows us to apply the following methods in the prediction of noise impacts of a development scheme: