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Environmental Consultancy Qatar

Our early success was in the delivery of EIAs in Ras Laffan City and Mesaieed for Qatar Energy and offshore drilling exploration for Shell Energy. Key to repeat business has been our highly technical service delivery, including air quality best available technology (BAT) assessments for combustion sources as well as noise mapping and AIV and FIV studies, for the Northfield Production Sustainability (NFPS) gas facilities project.

20+ Years Experience in Qatar

$25bn Capital Value

Flagship Projects in Qatar

In recent years we have seen an explosion of growth in the infrastructure and masterplanning development sectors and have conducted ecological, air and noise studies for road improvement schemes, such as the C2 Project, as well as avifauna surveys and marine modelling for Doha’s port development.


Zekreet Phase II EIA

Qatar Gas intended to install a gasoline complex in RLIC, the primary purpose of which is the production of gasoline with co-products of hydrogen, C3 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and C4 LPG. WKC undertook environmental services, including baseline studies, air and noise modelling, Best Available Technology (BAT) cost benefit analysis and permitting through the preparation of the project’s EIA.


RLIC Ecology Baseline Surveys

WKC completed a series of baseline surveys in order to determine pre-development conditions for two sites, totalling an area of approximately 1,700 hectares. The Project itself covered areas which included a number of habitat types and important plant and animal species.


AAQM Station Audits for Qatar Petroleum (now Qatar Energy)

WKC was appointed by Qatar Petroleum (now Qatar Energy) to undertake a 3rd Party Technical Systems & Data Quality Audit for three stations within their ambient monitoring network. The overall objective of the study was to provide assurance to Qatar Energy that the ambient air quality monitoring stations (AAQMS) considered within the audit are producing data that is reliable and accurate by ensuring that the current maintenance, operation and management practices conform to adequate standards and that the Qatar Energy AAQMS Quality Assurance Quality Control Plan is being fully implemented.


C2 Doha Expressway Noise Modelling

WKC was commissioned to undertake noise modelling and impact assessments for the construction and operation of road upgrades/improvements in three suburbs of Doha. Using topographic, land use and traffic flow input data we were able to predict the impact of the road improvements on the surrounding environment and at noise sensitive receptors.


RLIC Emissions Inventory

Our team led the development of a complete emissions inventory covering all sectors for Ras Laffan Emission souths (approximately 300). This included conventional combustion sources such as turbines, flares, heaters and boilers, but additional fugitive sources and storage related VOCs. The key objective of the inventory was to support the development of photochemical modelling to determine the contribution of industrial emissions to secondary photochemical pollutant formation (such as ozone).


Laffan Condensate Refinery EIA

Our team led the development of the EIA for the Laffan Condensate Refinery, including Engineering Liaison role with Technip, and air quality impact assessment using Aermod. The project involved a scoping presentation to the Supreme Council of Qatar State Authority. Naphtha products from the Laffan Refinery emerged as feedstock for the ZEKREET project noted above, although the project did not proceed beyond FEED stage.

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Our Registrations in Qatar

Approved Qatar Energy Environmental Consultants2023-06-01T13:32:41+02:00

WKC is an Approved Qatar Energy Environmental Consultant

WKC Group is an approved environmental consultant for Qatar Energy across its operations at Ras Laffan Industrial City, Mesaieed Industrial City and Offshore operations. Services range from full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) of projects to technical studies including: noise, acoustic and flow induced vibration, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions for process units such as polyethylene plants and ethylene plants.

Our robust understanding of Qatar Energy requirements and the environmental permitting system in Qatar provides our clients with comfort that their projects will achieve the high standards set by Qatar Energy and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

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