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WKC News

Launch of AIV FIV

Launch of AIVFIV.com

We are proud to announce the launch of aivfiv.com, dedicated to AIV/FIV related studies.

Saudi Arabia’s 2021 Environmental Regulatory Reforms

Significant recent changes to environmental laws in Saudi Arabia, including the issuance of RCER2020, new rules for registration of environmental consultants under GAMEP and the transfer of GAMEP’s responsibilities to five centres for environmental development.

Saudi Arabia's 2021 Environmental Reg Reforms

WKC invests in state of the art Ecology Survey Technology

“As soon as a survey is complete, we can instantaneously transfer the data to any of our offices around the world. In fact, we can have other members of staff working on the data, writing reports and making maps before our field survey has even returned to the office.”
Mark Brown (WKC Service Leader for Geospatial Services)

Free Online Environmental Engineering Tools

We are developing a range of free online tools, which can all be found in our Tools Room. Here are some that have been launched recently:

Inverse Square Law

Inverse Square Law

Determine an estimate of a sound pressure level at a distance.

Online Air Dispersion Model

Calculate the potential download concentration from a point emission source.

Online Air Dispersion Model

Seawater Density Calculator

Calculate the density of water as a function of water temperature, salinity and pressure.

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WKC Articles

We regularly publish articles about the interesting work that we do.

We have recently published the following articles.

WKC's remote sensing services

WKC’s Remote Sensing Services – Now with HD Technology

Recent advances in remote sensing technology means that WKC Group is now able to carry out analysis using satellite imagery of up to 15cm resolution! This is a massive leap forward… Read more

WKC’s Mangrove Mapping Management Expertise

WKC is working with developers to minimise disturbances to mangrove trees, provide continuous monitoring and developing site specific management plans… Read more

WKC's mangrove mapping expertise
The benefits of environmental auditing

The Benefits of Environmental Auditing

The purpose of an audit is to provide an independent, objective opinion that can be relied on by stakeholders. There are many different types of environmental audits, such as… Read more

Publications of Interest

The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) released the publication Environmental Management in the upstream oil and gas industry.

IPIECA in partnership with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the IOGP, released the fourth edition of the Sustainability Reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry.

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