Noise Barrier Effectiveness Calculator

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This online noise barrier effectiveness calculator can be used to approximate the resultant noise level at a receiver when a barrier is positioned with a pre-determined height between a noise source and a receiver (i.e. a person). The noise barrier (sometimes called an acoustic barrier, noise wall or sound barrier) attenuation is primarily a function of the source, receiver and barrier heights as well as the distances between them.

For ease of use, this is a simplified calculator with the following assumptions applied:

  • Reflections from facades or the ground are not considered
  • Air absorption is not considered
  • Directivity of the noise source is not considered
  • The diffraction limit is set at 20 dB

The tool uses the following formula:

Lp = Lw – 20log(r) – 11 – b


Lp = Sound pressure level 1m from receiver

Lw = Sound power level of noise source

r = Distance between source & receiver

b = Attenuation due to the barrier

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